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ALTALLAH was formed in 1992 with its original reputation for producing extraordinary architectural model making has been built on and developed over the decades based on the principle of providing a dependable and efficient service to their clients, ALTALLAH has then gained recognition amongst some of the country’s leading property developers, architects and real estate property owners. Within a few years our reputation as architectural model makersin UAE became international as we started sending physical models packed in custom made fly cases designed according to each model to Spain, Germany, KSA, Qatar, Africa and many other countries worldwide where we had to move into a larger premises inside Sharjah Airport International Free zone later in 2005 due growing demand for our models. Currently the company ownswarehouse and storagefacility within a 25,000sft area especially dedicated to manufacturing of physical models of any size and requirements our clients demand for.
ALTALLAH’s technical capabilities are under constant development. We manufacture our models using computerized laser machine based on AutoCAD drawings. Our reputation for fabrication of extraordinary architectural models , marine models , industrial models , master plan models & any type or size of physical scale models with fiber optical / micro LED lighting system, automated lighting system with synchronized wireless devices or touch screen TV, section moving technology and many other advanced technologies has been built on and developed over the decades.

What role do physical architectural models play in your design process?

The scale model is like a (very) small construction site. Very often we find that the construction site is more interesting than the finished building. It has something to do with the unfinished or “open” qualities of the building still to come. The same thing is true with the architectural model – the fact that the model represents something that is still on its way, that it is still open for changes, additions, modifications, subtractions, and so forth means that there is room for dreaming. This way the architectural model allows for a continuous creative design process – not only for architects but also in their dialogue with the client. The model open up doors to hidden architectural qualities, to what is still not there.
We don’t believe in images. In other words: We only trust the quality of the project when it is built – for real – either as a model or in scale one to one. Before that it doesn’t exist!

Architectural designs models

An impressive and accurate model can make the difference between winning and losing a contract. And for most architecture projects, it is important to attractively and accurately present 3D form and function in iterative reviews.
3D visualization can give architects and clients a real idea of what the structure would look like, presenting precise dimensions and finely rendered structural information.

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